What comes with the Collide framework?

In order to make connecting with others at your school or university easier, we've provided a series of downloadable materials and exercises as part of the Collide process. Take a look below to learn more and purchase the framework.

1. Promote

Collide helps you get started and choose the best channels to reach your intended audience and promote your Collide Event at work. In order to set the stage, start with the: 

• Getting Started Guide for Collide
• Collide Event Checklist

2. Onboard

Since the value of Collide is all about quality instead of quantity, we'll help you onboard the right people with the right skills. We do this by providing the following:

• Onboarding Signup Survey
• Collide Event Registration
• Collide Event Idea Breakdown

3. Collide

This is where the real fun begins. Collide utilizes a variety of fast-paced design thinking exercises in order to bring people together quicker. Here are some of the exercises you'll find:

• User/Problem Flow Mapping
• How Might We
• Lightning Demos
• Crazy 8's Sketching
• Heat Mapping

4. Explore

This is where you'll explore next steps and distill everything down into tangible insights. We help you accomplish this by offering:

• Collide Recap Survey
• Action Report Template

Ready to Collide?