What comes with the Collide framework?

In order to make connecting with others at work easier, we've provided a series of downloadable materials and exercises as part of the Collide process. Take a look below to learn more and purchase the framework.

1. Assemble

Before effectively solving any problem, it’s important to get the right people in the same room. We help you identify and gather an interdisciplinary team based around different skills.

• Getting Started Guide for Collide
• Collide Event Checklist

2. Identify

Once a team is in place, the first step is to identify an organizational goal or problem. We provide common examples of objectives that Collide can help meet in the workplace.

3. Learn

After aligning the team around a common goal, it’s time to create a collective understanding or “hive mind.” We help everyone share their unique perspective with the team.

4. Decide

Now that everyone’s on the same page, it’s easier to generate possible solutions. We provide exercises that will allow each team member to generate ideas on their own and eventually decide on the more effective solution for the team.

5. Build

It’s time to build your team’s solution. We’ll offer suggestions for building an interactive prototype, no matter what type of idea you’re testing.

6. Test

The best way to make progress on an idea is to test it with real people. We offer materials that guide the user interview process, which will allow for better feedback on your idea.

7. Explore

Collaboration is great, but we take it a step further by breaking things down into tangible next steps that promote action. Our follow up materials allow you to capture meaningful insight for your organization.

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