A better way to connect over
shared ideas and skills you need.

Collide is creating a community that makes networking easier by connecting you with others who share your ideas and have the skills you need. We use exercises and activities that combine design thinking with collaboration in order to create action-oriented solutions faster.


Networking meets coworking.

The Collide framework is a simple process that provides deeper, quality connections and action-oriented solutions. We feel that when you collaborate with someone, you truly get to know them. Take a look below to learn more about the overall process.



One of the hardest parts of connecting is finding common ground. We provide examples of goals and problems that Collide can help reach and solve.


You're not alone. Feel free to share any ideas you have and we'll help create a custom format for any type of environment or goal you have.



Now it's time to rally the troops. We make it easier to find the people you need in order to create the deepest connections.


Once you've generated some buzz, the next step is to convert that interest into commitment. We help onboard and organize everyone into potential teams based on their ideas and skills.



Now that people are ready to collide, the real fun begins. Collide offers a series of exercises and resources that helps break down everything into manageable pieces and addresses any idea at any stage.


One of the most important parts of the entire process is capturing insights and taking action. We help break everything down into tangible next steps that are clear and concise.

Where do you want to Collide?


In a Company

You work within a company, but you're always looking for ways to innovate and collaborate with other employees.


At a School

You teach at a high school or college and want to connect your students with other students from different backgrounds.


On Your Own

You're an individual who naturally enjoys connecting others, but you're looking for a better way to create deeper connections. 


Looking for a Collide Event near you?