What comes with the Collide framework?

In order to make connecting with others on your own easier, we've provided a series of downloadable materials and exercises as part of the Collide process. Take a look below to learn more and signup for early access to the Collide framework.

1. Identify the goal

In order to make progress, it always helps to identify your goal first. We provide common examples of goals that Collide can help meet.

• Collide Event Handbook

2. Refine your idea

You’re not alone. Share any ideas you have and we’ll help create a custom format for any type of environment or goal you have.

• Signup Survey
• Event Idea/Skills Breakdown

3. Share your event

We make it easier to find the people you need in order to create the deepest connections. This turns into quicker progress towards your goals.

• Social Media Guide

4. Onboard your attendees

Time to convert interest into commitment with materials that help you organize everyone into teams. We help categorize based on shared ideas and skills that are needed.

• Signup Survey
• Idea/Skills Breakdown

5. Collide with others

Now the real fun begins. Choose from a series of exercises and resources to address ideas at any stage. Your attendees will work together to quickly make progress on their goals.

• User/Problem Flow
• "How Might We" brainstorming
• Lightning Demos
• Crazy 8's Sketching
• And more!

6. Explore the possibilities

Collaboration is great, but we take it a step further by breaking things down into tangible next steps that promote action. Our follow up materials allow you capture meaningful insight from participants.

• Recap Survey
• Idea Feedback Sheet

Ready to Collide?